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Toxicology & Molecular Diagnostic Testing Lab

We are a proudly Kentucky-owned/operated laboratory specializing in molecular diagnostic testing and toxicology. Our focus is on providing high-quality service and overall customer satisfaction. We do everything we can to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations while helping to strengthen their commitment to excellent patient care. We are steadfast in our knowledge and practice of industry compliance, standards and licensure laws; always staying up to date with the ever-changing medical world.

Comprehensive Toxicological Urine Drug Testing

LabTox utilizes the latest and most efficient in drug testing technology, Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) for drug confirmation. This testing is sensitive, specific, and accurate. LC-MS/MS allows us to achieve a highly specific and sensitive differentiation of multiple drugs and their metabolites extremely efficiently and accurately. We can detect over 50 different drugs in as little as 6 minutes and over 72 total on our current testing panel. However, as the world of illicit drug use changes, we are always able to adapt to the needs of providers and patients. Our completed toxicology samples are easily accessed and integrated through the same portal we use for molecular testing, again, allowing for results in less than 24 hours.

Molecular Diagnostic Testing for Respiratory Pathogens

At LabTox, our Molecular department utilizes the very-best in pathogen detection, real-time quantitative Polymerase chain reaction (PCR). This sensitive and advanced testing methodology provides for quick and accurate results. Currently, we are equipped to test 4,000 tests per day with the ability and capacity for increase should the need arise. Once the tests arrive in our laboratory, we can provide results (via web portal) in 24 hours from acceptance. Being located here in Lexington, we are able to transport and receive tests quickly and to logistically manage outlying areas of the state utilizing in-house staff, couriers, and overnight shipping.


Along with our molecular testing abilities, we can provide trained nasopharyngeal swab collectors for PCR testing as needed. Each collector will be equipped with FDA approved swabs (w/ VTM), appropriate PPE and logistical transport instructions for each testing facility. Our services are also available for traditional urine specimen collection.  This allows for a true “turn-key” approach for each client/facility.